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" Harmony of tastes reigns in 6 Tastes sauces. After using them, a pleasant aftertaste remains for some time. "

Friedrich Oboykovich
The best chef in Bavaria,
holds the title of "Master WACS"
(World Association of Chefs' Societies)

" Our health is directly connected with the proper digestion of food. According to Ayurveda, spices and flavors play an important role in regulating digestion. Ayurveda also says, that eating food with all 6 tastes brings the most satisfaction. In this regard, the daily use of 6 Tastes sauces plays an invaluable role in regulating the digestive “fire” and replenishing our body with the necessary elements. I would especially recommend including them in the diet of children. "

Angela Sulyan
Doctor, Specialist in Ayurveda